The Baby Shower was a huge success. Thanks for everything. Our servers and Francine in particular were outstanding. We couldn’t get the iPod connection to work for our music, but that was just a minor detail. Thanks again!

Jennifer S.
Baby Shower
The wedding weekend was great, especially the rehearsal dinner. The food and service were terrific. I look forward to dining with you again soon. Thanks again!

Marci M.
Wedding rehearsal dinner
Thank you for taking care of our group on Friday! Francine and the rest of your team did an awesome job. Please let them know we appreciate their hard work and flexibility to accommodate our needs.

Thank You!

Eva H.
Marketing Director, Calpine Containers
Stopped by on our way home from Pine Flat Lake. Your service and food were very good. When we’re traveling it’s important to us if we stop somewhere for a meal to not be hurried, but also not to have slow service; your place worked out well. We will be visiting you more often if you will maintain that level of service and quality of food.

Thank you.

Robby K.
President, Santa Clarita, Kennco Plumbing
I’ve been waiting to contact you until all reviews were in:”great meal”, “great dinner”, “enthusiastic compliments to Chef Ryan and staff for the creative, wine-friendly pairings”, “a truly delicious evening”…

Jim LaMar took pics and posted them to the professional Friends of Wine fb page. BC Little photographed each coarse and posted it to food porn. Let me know if you can’t find them and I’ll see what I can do about getting them to you.

We loved having our own room, our own server (Jason was terrific!) and Ryan came out to step us through each coarse and enjoy a little wine with us. It was a wonderful evening, Michelle.

We’ll definitely be back individually and as a group. Thank you for all you efforts to make this evening so memorable!

Deanna B.
Professional Friends of Wine
Our groups dinner last evening was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the restaurant, the food was tasty, Kevin and your staff did a very good job serving, and the kitchen timed the presentation of all our meals perfectly.

Thank you for accommodating us.

Obie S.
Aston Martin Group Dinner