Local Purveyors

When we say locally grown we mean it! School House Restaurant & Tavern works with local growers to bring you the finest, freshest, best tasting food and beverages around, all sourced right from the valley. School House is proud to work with a distinguished list of partners and we’re pleased to share them with you.

Pitman Family Farms

Marys Chickens

In the heart of California’s Central Valley, Pitman Family Farms raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese—all free-range, all at farms designed specifically for each species, and all within 60 miles of their processing plant right here in Sanger. Schoolhouse Restaurant is proud to be able to source our poultry from such a well respected family in the farming industry.

Pitman Family Farms

Mountain View Fruit


Premium conditioned tree fruit from SUMMERIPE means sweet, pure, juicy, ready to eat local fruit. School House loves the fact that SUMMERIPE supports family centric growers cultivating fruit on land originally farmed by their parents and even their grandparents. Promoting sustainability and old-time traditions equates to a superior product School House is happy to serve you.

Mountain View Fruit Sales, SUMMERIPE

Bari Olive Oil


Current owners Kyle and Ryan Sawatzky are the fifth generation to farm the family estate of mission olives. They strive to make sure every bottle of olive oil they produce is of a premium quality that they would serve to any guest in their home. For this reason and the Delicate, Fruity and Robust flavors, School House Restaurant & Tavern is proud to offer our guest Bari Olive Oil as well.

Bari Olive Oil Company

Peerless Coffee

Peerless Coffee & Tea logo

It’s easy for us to choose Peerless Coffee as an industry partner. Not only is their coffee unparalleled in terms of quality they also have a strong commitment to sustainability, community and traceability. Aligned with similar ideals, School House is proud to serve our patrons Peerless Coffee.

Peerless Coffee & Tea

Nicholas Family Farms


Specializing in fruits and citrus for 29 years Nicholas Family Farms commitment to organic raw foods perfectly coincides with the philosophy we whole heartily promote at School House. It’s their experience in the farming industry coupled with their wide variety of certified organic produce that makes School House a willing partner of Nicholas Family Farms.

Nicholas Family Farms

Jeb’s Swedish Creamery


Using fresh local fruit, Jeb’s Swedish Creamery is and artisan ice cream shop with rave reviews. School House is proud to offer seasonal flavors from Jeb’s in Kingsburg.
Jeb’s Swedish Creamery

Centerville Fruit Station


Featuring fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit, nuts, candy, local raw honey, jams, olives, and fresh locally grown seasonal vegetables School House Restaurant loves purveying ingredients from the historic Centerville Fruit Station.
Centerville Fruit Station

Burketts Honey


Burketts Honey on Reedley offers a wide variety of honey. Their bee’s collect nectar from San Joaquin citrus groves to Pacific coast sage and buckwheat blooms. We love using Burkett’s Honey at School House.

Riverland Farms


Riverland Farms believe that you deserve a good, clean, healthy choice when it comes to your beef. So none of their cattle are fed hormones or genetically modified feed and they are born and raised in a healthy, happy, natural environment. Just the way we like it at School House Restaurant.
Tasty Cows | Riverland Farms